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Sayco Asset Management, LLC capitalizes on dislocations in the real estate market to generate attractive yields and superior risk-adjusted returns while maintaining the security of a tangible asset.


The New Asset Class – Residential Real Estate

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.00.46 AMThrough its primary real estate conduit, Sayco Equity Fund, LP, Sayco Asset Management, LLC has created an avenue for investors to participate in a fully managed portfolio of single- and multi-family rental properties. The investment community has historically ignored this sector because of the challenges in managing a disbursed asset base…until now. With the combination of current price dislocations and our proven business model and ownership structure, investors now have access to this opportunity.

Sayco is best in class in the acquisition, renovation, property management and resale of single-family homes. We are well positioned to execute during this finite buy-in period, offering a significant growth and income opportunity to investors through a managed portfolio.