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About Us


Sayco Asset Management is one of the top providers of asset management services for the distressed real estate financial industry. By utilizing our decades of real estate experience and expertise—as well as our penchant for innovative thinking—we create customized solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of our diverse clients.

Founded with the goal of providing our clients with an unmatched client experience, the Sayco team is comprised of some of the most experienced, dedicated, courteous real estate experts in the business. At Sayco, we aspire to deliver our clients a level of accessibility, security, and confidence in the handling of their investments that is unparalleled in the field. Suffice it to say that your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Among its services, Sayco offers investors a full range of equity-backed real estate investment pools, with a primary focus on whole loan portfolio management through the acquisition and workout of non-performing individual trust deeds and whole loan pools. We provide investors with handpicked real estate pools, assuring them of an immediate gain in equity position.

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Sayco is a full-service provider for borrowers, lenders and property owners. Our team of knowledgeable real estate specialists is trained in acquisition, management, and disposition of assets, in addition to foreclosure assistance and REO management. Sayco takes pride in that its internal structure is strategically diversified allowing each member to contribute over a decade of expertise within their specialized field. Through a host of respected subsidiary companies and third parties, Sayco Asset Management provides loan servicing and property management services, as well as real estate sales service, mortgage financing and home equity loans.

Sayco also maintains a close working relationship with a network of reliable, well-respected consultants, attorneys and vendors. Respected in their communities and professional circles, they function as an extension of our staff and are available to cater to your every need.

Please feel free to contact Sayco Asset Management regarding any and all of your real estate finance needs; we welcome the opportunity to serve you.