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Comprehensive Risk Management

We abide by the philosophy that you should always know what you own. Our proprietary system and dedicated teams identify and help mitigate risk, and are an integral part of the investment process. Sayco’s culture and organizational structure place the highest priority on risk awareness.

The portfolio management teams work closely with two independent groups—Lres valuation services and Internal Audit—while also utilizing proprietary risk and quantitative analysis technology. Our goal is to ensure that any risk we take on is deliberate, diversified and appropriately scaled.

Sayco remains focused on the acquisition of properties with the highest value proposition in terms of low purchase price, minimum outstanding liabilities, low rehabilitation cost and desirable location in order to procure high rental rates and disposition values. These properties are located in multiple states within various communities.

Every asset undergoes two GAAP valuation processes in arriving at a fair value measurement: Market Approach and Income Approach. The fair value of the real estate investments are based on independent third party analysis reports. These valuations are then reviewed and updated each quarter.

Sayco’s commitment to investment excellence is anchored in the belief that our clients’ interests come first. We are solely focused on our role as a stand- alone asset manager, never trading as a principal on our own behalf. Our goal is to build a better financial future for each and every client.

Understanding today’s investment environment, we find it necessary to provide our investors with copies of each property’s county-recorded property trust deed and owner’s title insurance binder. This practice reassures our investors of their ownership and our transparency.