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Sayco Capabilities and Services


Prevailing in turbulent times requires the right people.Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.05.52 AM

The key executives of Sayco Asset Management, LLC, the parent company to the Sayco family of companies, possess over 20 years of valuable experience in the real estate, construction and financial industries. These same executives have personally served in every capacity within the organization and, as a result, are able to drive efficiency and profitability in all areas of the company.

Sayco Asset Management, LLC, serves as the group’s investment manager for Sayco Equity Fund, LP. It provides discretionary investment advice based on the research of strategic market opportunities, provides valuation and pricing of individual assets and portfolios.

Sayco Asset Management, LLC is responsible for servicing, maintenance, leasing, rent collection and evictions. We are proud to say that once a property is acquired, on average, this group has it ready for lease in only 36 days.


We do a better job buying quality homes in the right
neighborhoods at the right price points.
• Dedicated acquisition division
• Extensive real estate expertise
• Cultivated relationships

We maximize profitability through our own full-service
property management company.
• Reduced vacancy losses
• Controlled maintenance costs
• Closely managed tenant procurement

Our abundance of properties affords us the opportunity
to receive quality results for a lower cost.
• Better, faster, and more economical renovations
• Highly efficient project team
• Preferred vendor pricing, in-house contractors

We have extensive experience in the retail resale real
estate market.
• Large extended agent network
• Institutional purchasing relationships

The Sayco organization, as a full-service provider, utilizes privileged acquisition relationships and a proprietary asset management platform, as well as a full spectrum of high-yield leasing methodologies and liquidation techniques. We believe remaining in control of each asset from start to finish allows us to maximize portfolio profits while controlling costs, giving us an edge over the competition.

Our organization boasts a team of diversified specialists that are highly trained and experienced in their fields of focus. This synergy enables Sayco to be a leader amongst its peers and deliver unsurpassed returns to its investors.