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“I have been in Sayco LLC since the beginning. When they came to me with this concept of buying foreclosed homes for 50 cents on the dollar and turning them into rentals, I really liked the idea. I am a builder in the Louisiana area, and I’m very aware of the cost to build new; this just makes more sense. The performance of the fund has exceeded my expectations, and their transparency has been remarkable. I have no hesitation in recommending this distressed real estate fund to anyone.”

Kelly Sills, Owner – Coastal Bridge and Leven Construction; Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“I have been a bond expert for 20 years and have seen many cash flow investment vehicles. Sayco LLC has not only provided generous cash flow, but also exceptional appreciation. I enjoy being part of an organization that provides affordable housing and produces high returns; it’s a win-win. We are investing in brick and mortar; the ability to touch and see our investments differs from any other fixed asset class. THat is what I liked most about this fund. I myself have invested twice.

T. Derrick Shea, Fixed Income Bonds – Atlas One Financial; Palm Beach, Florida

“The concept made sense, but I knew that performance relied on Sayco’s ability to acquire properties at huge discounts and manage the process for it to work. They have exceeded all of my expectations. I manage a California bank and have the opportunity to review a variety of investment strategies; this is one of few I found intriguing. I have already referred colleagues.”

C. Dwight Beeson, Manager – Plumas Bank; California